My Name is Chelsey.

You’re probably wondering why exactly you should care what I have to say.

 16 years with a serious chronic GI condition
+  8 years of science and medical education
8 years of practice as a clinical pharmacist
= An unusual combination of knowledge and insight

What you will find here are the usable concepts and answers that have been shaped by that knowledge and insight – the information that comes from someone who understands the medical side but has also been in a place quite similar to where you are now.

This site distills that knowledge into the tools and skills that you need to cut through the noise, understand your situation, and become an active participant in optimizing your health.  You will find explanations, guidance, and strategies which were developed for that very reason.  The information here will always remain unbiased and honest, based in realistic options and truths instead of the false claims and ideas that run wild on the internet.

Whatever level of assistance you need, I am here to help you because I’ve been there.  I’ve experienced the emotional roller-coaster, the seemingly unanswerable questions, and the relentless frustration. This website provides you with what I wish I had known before it was forged in the fire of those 16 + 8 + 8 years.

And there is always audio and text – so that you have the opportunity to learn no matter how you are feeling or what you need to get done.

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