The First Steps to Managing Your IBD

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So how do I manage this condition?

If only this question had a very straightforward answer.  I wish that anyone that received this diagnosis could have a solution wrapped in a bow and delivered to their doorstep.  Unfortunately, however, this is a chronic condition that impacts each person in a different way.

Just because there is not a straightforward answer does not mean there is not an answer at all.  It is possible to learn to live well with this condition.  It simply requires perseverance, creativity, and commitment to learning in a way that isn’t required for most other diagnoses.  And that is the reason that I created this website.  I wanted to provide the framework and tools necessary for anyone to get to the point of living well with IBD.

I have mentioned the Chelsey Take on things a few times already throughout this series on IBD.  And this is where you will learn my take on how to begin managing your condition.  There is information here that can be useful to those that were just diagnosed, as well as those that have had the condition for years and still feel that their health could be better.

There are two main concepts that I believe are crucial to being in control of your health and improving your quality of life.

  1. Self-Advocacy: This involves having the knowledge and confidence to interpret and understand your options, ask the right questions, and be fully involved in your own care and health decisions.
  2. A Fresh Perspective: This involves stepping back and seeing things in a new way, providing the opportunity to recognize ruts, routines, and assumptions that may be holding us back from better health and a happier life.

I recommend starting out by browsing these articles on the topics of self-advocacy and fresh perspectives.  If you are more interested in looking into information on a particular issue or topic, then feel free to access the library here or sign-up for the newsletter below to receive regular updates.


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Self-Treatment vs. Self-Advocacy: Knowing What You Don’t Know 


Fresh Perspectives

More is Not Better

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Interested in more information on IBD?

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Trivia and Terminology:


Self-Advocacy is the action of representing yourself in your own care, but from a perspective of knowledge, comprehension, and clear goals.


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