Peppermint for the GI Tract

Oct 30, 2017 by

If you’ve heard that peppermint might help your GI symptoms (whether you are just not feeling good or have a diagnosed condition) then you have come to the right place to learn what it can (and cannot) do for you.

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The Mind-Gut Connection

Oct 1, 2017 by

Come in and join me for a review of the book The Mind-Gut Connection by Dr. Emeran Mayer. We’ll focus on how this book may or may not help you in learning to manage and improve your GI health.

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The Not-So-Leaky Gut

Oct 15, 2017 by

There is plenty of talk out there about what to do with a “leaky gut”. Well…what if that’s not actually something else that you need to worry about? Learn the myths about leaky gut here so that you can focus on your health!

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