Gastroparesis and Medications: Q&A

In this two-part Q&A, I sit down with Crystal Saltrelli, one of our prominent gastroparesis advocates and health coaches, to talk all about medications.

We answer the most common questions that have been presented to her by those with gastroparesis, and I also provide additional information regarding considerations to make in the different situations you may find yourself in.

This Q&A, originally released in 2013, planted the first seeds that led me to write my book.  I realized that each of us with gastroparesis (and any chronic GI condition, really) first needs to truly understand our diagnosis. Once we understand what has happened to our bodies, we can better understand our symptoms, and that allows us to manage them and hopefully get them under control.

Why Here?

Our medical system does not do a great job of helping its patients to do these things.  In fact, the typical doctor hands you a diagnosis, maybe a prescription, and tells you the equivalent of “good luck” as you walk out the door.  This leads many of us on a wild goose chase to find a doctor that will listen, find a dietitian that understands, find diets and treatments that will work for us – often with less-than-desirable results.

The ultimate goal of my book is to provide you with all of that information that has been missing; to provide the pieces and tools that allow you to assemble and solve your own puzzle.  So without further ado, if you are interested in learning more about your medications, you are welcome to listen to this two-part Q&A all about gastroparesis and medications.


Part 1:

Part 2:



If you want to learn even more about how gastroparesis is impacting your body and the information that you need to problem solve your way to better health, I do believe that this book provides a valuable resource in that regard.  As does the entire [free!] series on this website all about gastroparesis.

And of course, if you simply want more information on simplifying your management plan and self-advocating, you can read about those topics for free right here…Self-Advocacy and New Perspectives & Simplification.

To see what else Crystal Saltrelli has done, you can visit her website at

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