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Gluten Exposed Book Cover


Title: Gluten Exposed
Authors: Peter Green, MD and Rory Jones
Year: 2016

Quick Summary:
This book provides a sweeping overview of the most common conditions that cause GI issues and distress for people throughout the world.  It then goes into the science, hype, and fuss surrounding gluten – a little protein that has confused, fascinated, and distracted millions over the past few years.

I have never seen such a clearly written and clearly researched breakdown of gluten and the common GI conditions. The primary author is the head of the Celiac Center at Columbia University, making him arguably a national expert on the topic of gluten.  The other author is a health writer for the masses, allowing her to take the high level information from Dr. Green and turn it into readable, understandable information for the rest of us.  And their collaboration is everything you’d hope it would be.

If anyone is trying to understand the basics of IBS, IBD, gluten sensitivity, other food sensitivities, and more, this book will help them understand the different players and the issues that they can cause.  It also covers the research that exists on gluten (spoiler: there isn’t much, but it is being avidly researched as I type this) and describes it all in plain language.  The book then guides the reader to understand what the benefits and risks are of each option, and which steps they should take to improve their GI health.

The organizational structure of this book is definitely lacking.  I felt like my brain had to hop all over the place to keep up with what they were saying.  On one page we’d talk about one condition, on the next page we’d talk about another, and then 50 pages later we’d find ourselves back at that first condition.  But the ride was ultimately worth it for the incredible amount of sound, helpful information that was included in this book.  But I’d recommend bookmarks, tabs, and using the index to remind yourself of the topics as you go along!

Final Word:
If you have any questions about gluten, food sensitivities, the FODMAP diet, or just GI conditions and health in general, this book will provide you with a very strong foundation that will allow you to make reliable decisions and ask your doctor the right questions.

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