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Understanding The GI Tract

In order to understand a GI diagnosis and how to manage it, everyone must first get to know the GI tract!  Learn all about the structure and function of the GI tract and how it relates to the most common chronic GI conditions. Plus: Learn more about the connections between the gut, our brains, and our bacteria.

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I believe strongly that each person’s health relies on their ability to self-advocate (represent oneself).  You are the most important piece of your care!  Don’t believe me?  Or don’t know how to make yourself heard?  Learn everything you need to get started here.

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Simplifying Your Health

We spend our days inundated with information, suggestions, ideas, opinions, and more.  But we don’t know what is quality and what is not.  It’s hard not to feel tempted to try everything.  And in our culture of more, more, more, it’s particularly hard to recognize that, sometimes, less is more.

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Marijuana as Medicine

Learn all about marijuana, the different types, and what we know so far about how it can be used to treat (or hurt) different GI conditions. This is an increasingly popular topic and there is a lot of confusion surrounding it.  You can find the facts and the most current research right here.

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Interested in learning the (useful) nuts and bolts of GI conditions?

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 Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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