Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Resources

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There are plenty of websites online that provide some information on IBS.  Some of these sites are government or hospital sites that give you some of the nitty gritty on what the conditions are and how they are diagnosed and treated.

I have already given you my take on each of those topics.  You get to choose who was more helpful for you, but hopefully one of us did the trick!

[This is a constantly evolving list – I am always interested in adding more valuable resources here, so if you know of any, feel free to send them my way!]

If you’re looking for more information on how to manage your condition:


There are other types of resources available online that serve a different purpose than anything I’ve mentioned above.  Some of these are personal blogs that provide a place to read about someone else’s experience.  Some of these are non-profit organizations that are leading the charge to raise research dollars and encourage people to enroll in research studies.

Each is a valuable source of support and meaning for someone that is dealing with a chronic GI condition, particularly one as marginalized as IBS can be.


Non-profit Organizations and Research Promotion:


And of course there is also the classic option – books!

For understanding the condition and all of its non-diet aspects:

IBS: 365 Tips for Living Well – Barbara Bolen

IBS Chat: Real Life Stories and Solutions – Barbara Bolen, Jeffrey Roberts

For taking control of the dietary aspects:

Kate Scarlata – An experienced dietician specializing in the treatment of IBS and SIBO

Calm Belly Kitchen – Julie O’Hara – A Full Guide on Implementing the FODMAP Diet the Healthy Way



Interested in more information on IBS?

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