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Sometimes I find it incredibly helpful to hear about the experiences of others with my condition. For some inexplicable reason, knowing that others have been having similar experiences is reassuring. Knowing that others have gotten better is hopeful; knowing that others are still deep in it like I am provides a sense of camaraderie.

But I have also come to learn that hearing about the experiences of those dealing with different conditions and different issues has helped me the most. Being reminded that there are a wide array of chronic conditions out there, and that so many people are battling against poor quality of life in their own way – that is a true sense of camaraderie.

It is difficult to be raw and honest about something as private as a health condition.  It is even harder to be raw and honest about the mistakes we have each made in our own journeys to manage our health. So whenever I come across a well-written, genuinely honest story about struggling with a medical condition, I save it.

There are three of those stories that I’d like to share today. They each help to give me perspective in their own way, and I have the utmost respect for the authors.

A Doctor with a Chronic Illness

The first is from a doctor who struggles with IBD. He describes what it is like to be trapped in the medical system (the very one he works in!) and how he had to learn to speak up for himself.

A Librarian with a Lifelong Diagnosis

This article isn’t about a typical medical condition. It’s about Tourette’s, a condition most of us have heard of but do not understand well enough to describe it. My hat is off to John Hanagarne for his brutal honesty.

A Mother Who Admits her Mistakes

And finally, we have this short, simple gem from a woman who ignored her IBD for so long that it finally invaded her life in a way she couldn’t ignore. But she remains grateful for the good in her life, and that’s always important to hear.



I try to be honest about what I’ve experienced both on this website and in my book. In fact, when I wrote the book, I threw myself back into a dark place in my efforts to be true to the story as it happened. It was a tough thing to do, but I believe it was worth every part of the struggle.

Knowing that others have struggled and found their silver linings is helpful and important. And knowing that mine is not the only (or even close to the worst) struggle out there helps me to maintain perspective and keep my thoughts focused in the right direction.

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