The GI Tract

Something that I have never been able to find in all of my searches is a description of the GI tract that speaks to someone with a chronic GI condition. Every description always seems to be missing an important component, whether it’s too basic, too complex, or just not focused enough on topics that are truly relevant.

And although each condition might impact one part of the GI tract more than another, it is, after all, one interconnected system.  So if your condition is only in the upper GI tract, the problems can, quite literally, travel down.  If it’s in the lower GI tract, the problems can work their way up.

In order to really understand any GI diagnosis and the ways to manage it, we must understand what is happening. Let’s tackle the nuts and bolts of the GI tract, and the basic questions that most people have but never seem to get answered.

The Nuts and Bolts

So what are the nuts and bolts?  The fall into four main categories.  You can skip ahead to a specific category below, or you can start at the top and read right on through!

GI Tract: Function

GI Tract: Structure

Bacteria and the Gut

The Brain and the Gut


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